Why Fanzooma

To be the best, it had to be good enough to attract customers (we call them fans), but it also had to be profitable for the company (we call them brands)!

FanZooma had to connect the best brands with the best customers
Customer Benefit - The fan chooses who they get offers from. The fan is empowered to choose the brands they want to receive offers from and they will ONLY receive offers from those brands!
Brand Benefit - Since we let the fan choose the brand, Brands are broadcasting offers to such a highly concentrated and dedicated fanbase, driving sales and revenue is easier than ever!

FanZooma had to keep customers
Customer Benefit - Fan chooses how often they want to hear from their favorite brands. Fans choose Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.
Brand Benefit - With only a .65% unsubscribe rate, fan retention is unusually high. Why work so hard to gain a new fan only to lose them? It’s extremely important to get new customers, but so is keeping them.

FanZooma had to be effective
Customer Benefit - Fan chooses how they want to hear from their favorite brands. The fan chooses text, email, or both!
Brand Benefit - Your offer gets seen! FanZooma’s email open rate is 69.49% and 9 out of 10 fans see a text message in less than 3 minutes

FanZooma had to be affordable
Customer Benefit - Fans join and connect with brands for FREE
Brand Benefit - Brands can touch 1,000 of their “Ready-To-Buy” Fanbase for just $100

Fanzooma mascot
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